Coaching-Informed Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

The Englishization of Higher Education in Europe

Open Source publication from Amsterdam University Press, due out in mid-October, edited by Robert Wilkinson and René Gabriëls.


What is Englishization? What is the historical background to its spread across Europe? How do stakeholders in European universities react to the requirement to deliver / learn course content through the medium of English even though they are not in an English-speaking country? Has internationalization allowed for the spread of a linguistic imperialism where English has subsumed other languages?  This book consists of 15 chapters, each giving the perspective from a different European country on how higher education has dealt with the phenomenon of Englishization.

Ursula Lanvers and I co-authored the chapter on Germany. We present an historical overview of the rise of the English language in Germany, and focus on the current situation regarding English Medium Instruction (EMI) programmes in German higher education. Included in the chapter is a summary of a small scale research study I conducted, exploring the affective (emotional) dimensions experienced by students and instructors in one particular EMI bachelor business degree programme in a southern German university of applied science.


The Thinking Environment® is a way of being in the world

Developed by coach, Nancy Kline, The Thinking Environment® lends itself beautifully to the learning environment. It is an ideal way to encourage and nurture communicative language learning in a calm, thoughtful way.


This blog post I wrote for ETpedia in 2017 summarises how I see the 10 components can be applied to the EFL teaching context: