The all new Distance Cert IBET is available for EFL teachers interested in becoming certified international business trainers - from anywhere in the world, at your own pace and in your own time.

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Study from where ever is convenient for you - distance or time zones are no barrier!


Once you have completed the 40 units and reflected on the feedback provided, you're ready to write the main assignment. This is then assessed initially by your Distance Cert IBET tutors then submitted to LanguageCert and English UK for moderation.


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Hot off the press: The Englishization of Higher Education in Europe

This book was edited by Bob WIlkinson and René Gabriels and consists of 15 chapters, each giving the perspective from a different European country on how higher education has dealt with the phenomenon of Englishization.

Chapter 15: "Affect in EMI at a German university: comparing insights from teachers, home and international students", focuses on Germany and includes a report on the pilot study I conducted in 2020.

Thanks to my PhD supervisor, Dr. Ursula Lanvers for inviting me to co-author this chapter with her.

Use the QR code to link to the open source site from where you can download a free copy of the book.

Thanks to Amsterdam University Press.

The Thinking Environment® is a way of being in the world

Developed by coach, Nancy Kline, The Thinking Environment® lends itself beautifully to the learning environment. It is an ideal way to encourage and nurture communicative language learning in a calm, thoughtful way.


This blog post I wrote for ETpedia in 2017 summarises how I see the 10 components can be applied to the EFL teaching context: