Coaching-Informed Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Silence in the Classroom - holding the learning space

Through my Barefoot coach training, I discovered the 10 components of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment®. Little by little, over the years, I have incorporated the principles she recommends into my teaching practice, both with in-service and pre-service learners. In this webinar I will walk you through the components I first incorporated into my classes, and discuss the responses from some of my students and colleagues to the general concept of staying silent in class. Bringing a Thinking Environment® mindset to my teaching practice has become my way of practising language coaching.


Follow this link to join the webinar live on Thursday 23rd April at 5pm UK / 6pm German time.



The Thinking Environment® is a way of being in the world

Developed by coach, Nancy Kline, The Thinking Environment® lends itself beautifully to the learning environment. It is an ideal way to encourage and nurture communicative language learning in a calm, thoughtful way.


This blog post I wrote for ETpedia in 2017 summarises how I see the 10 components can be applied to the EFL teaching context: