IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference, Munich 2016

Saturday 5th November, Forum 9 at 4:30-5:00pm

ABSTRACT for my talk


Applying the 10 components of a Thinking Environment has been transforming meetings in companies for 2 decades. It is the future of how we can work together. Using the same principles in our teaching practice fuels this move towards improving the quality of everyone’s thinking – and learning.


This talk introduced the principles behind Transforming Meetings and discussed how we can teach them to our learners.


Slides, handout and extra resources from the talk - all downloadable below

You can access Emily Havers' MA research paper via the Time to Think website. It's a short version and highly readable.

The one page summary - How meetings in a Thinking Environment impact organisational life - I shared in the talk you can download here.

Go here to read about The Thinking Environment.

You can get hold of Nancy Kline's Time to Think on her website - also in German!.

IATEFL BESIG 2016: What if nobody interrupted in meetings?
Slides from the talk held at the conference in Munich, November 2016
BESIG 2016 Talk Presentation.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 4.3 MB
The language of Transforming Meetings
A lesson to teach how meetings can be done differently. And a lesson to encourage a change in classroom habits - no more interrupting: attention generates better thinking which enables better learning.
Lesson Plan_Transforming Meetings.docx
Microsoft Word Document 27.8 KB

Lesson Handout Agenda
Taken from Time to Think notes, an outline of an agenda, adapted for learners to add their own notes
Example Agenda for a Transforming Meetin
Adobe Acrobat Document 302.8 KB