BESIG Annual Conference, Berlin, 11-13 October, 2019

Marketing & Promoting Yourself Track, Saturday 12th at 2:30pm

A positive, strong relationship with clients based on mutual trust and respect is part and parcel of self-marketing and promotion for freelance business English teachers and trainers. Over a period of 2 decades, I have never had to chase any teaching jobs; clients have come to me based on personal recommendations.


When you do a good job in an excellent way, word gets out.


The workshop aimed to give participants an opportunity to consider the relationships they have with their clients - not their students - the people, organisation or institution with whom they contract to supply a service.

By simulating a meeting and practising how to present your best self, while a third person observes and gives feedback, you can test out ways of behaving in a safe environment. With the observer notes and feedback, you can formulate a plan of action for the next real situation.

Before the start of the workshop with life coach and friend Helen Strong.

These are the slides used in the workshop, with my notes from which you get a better idea of what the images refer to.

Workshop Slides

How to build and nurture your client bas
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Thinking behind workshop
Included here are links to some of the research I did into client relationship management - that which I cut out on Saturday when we focused on the "heart of the matter"!
Workshop structure_Notes.pdf
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