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A-Z of Coaching

Co-authored with Ben Dobbs, edited by Catriona Watson-Brown and published by Julie Pratten of Academic Study Kit.

Ben and I have written a collection of thought-provoking photocopiable activties for ELT teachers who are intrested in applying coach-approach teaching methods.


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Why Coaching in ELT?

As part of the Academic Study Kit legacy series, this quick read discusses how a coach approach is relevant in English language teaching.


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Coaching & Mentoring Activities for ELT

An e-Book, co-authored with Phil Wade and Ron Morrain, there are 30 Coaching and Mentoring activities for ELT professionals to try out.


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Creating a Thinking Environment for English Language Learners

"The study presented here takes a coach-approach to teaching which adds to discussions within the area of language learning psychology. Starting from Mary Budd Rowe’s wait time research and incorporating Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment 10 Components ®, the practitioner research project was designed to test out a Time to Think coaching-approach teaching model in a small German university business English class."

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10 ways to incorporate coaching into your lessons

A blog post written for John Hughes' ETpedia series of 10-ways to... in 2017 summarising how I see the 10 components of a Thinking Environment® can be applied to the EFL teaching context. Follow this link to read the post.