STEM Symposium, Saarbrücken, 29 September 2016

Here are the slides from the self-marketing talk Michelle gave at the symposium.

How do we see women in STEM?

TED Fellows: 12 Badass Scientists


Here are links to authors and their work which I referred to in my talk at the symposium.


Judith Sherven (2016) in a post on LinkedIn: 7 Keys to Powerful Self-Branding


Lisa Christen (2014) of Christen Consulting, writing for Professional Womens Network: Why Women Aren't As Good At Personal Branding (And How You Can Change That)


Marianne Cooper (2013) writing in the Harvard Business Review: For Women Leaders, Likability and Success Hardly Go Hand in Hand.


Kelly Terrel (2015) on her blog: The Infamous Battle Against Flossie

Translation: "Research means to have curiosity about new subjects. An example of my research is the investigation of the leadership behaviours of men and women."

An interview with Dr Sonja Bischoff, author of "Wer führt in (die) Zukunft?: Männer and Frauen in Führungspositionen - die 5. Studie."


Although specific to business people, a lot of what the report talks about applies globally, which is why I reference her findings in my talk.

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